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Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum

The rivers Tamar, Tavy, Lynher, Plym and Plymouth Sound together constitute one of Britain's finest estuarine complexes. The rich and diverse wildlife, landscape and historic heritage are recognised through its national and international protected areas. Because of this natural environment, the area provides enormous recreational opportunities and much needed employment for thousands of people.

The challenge therefore, is to conserve our natural and historic heritage, whilst encouraging appropriate opportunities and giving full recognition to the important needs of commerce, tourism, defence and leisure interests.

The Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum (TECF) is the estuary management partnership that brings together stakeholders to promote the delivery of integrated management for the Tamar estuaries and nearby coastal areas in order to ensure long term sustainability. The roots of TECF lie in the long history of liaison and consultation between the Ministry of Defence (MoD), local authorities and responsible bodies over the management of their common water body.

Today TECF provides the means for delivery of integrated coastal management for the Tamar Estuaries, including the implementation of Plymouth Sound and Estuaries European Marine Site management. This integrated management is achieved through partnership action, integrating the different policies and actions that have an effect on the coast, and bringing together stakeholders to inform, support and implement these policies and actions in a coordinated and transparent way

TECF and its advisory bodies, the Port of Plymouth Marine Liaison Committee (PPMLC) and Wembury Voluntary Marine Conservation Area Advisory Group (WAG) provide an effective framework for the management of the Tamar Estuaries. TECF membership is made up from all organisations with statutory powers or functions relating to the estuary. PPMLC includes representatives of the various estuary users, owners and interest groups. WAG is made up from organisations with an interest in the management of the Wembury Voluntary Marine Conservation Area.