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Why we believe fostering is so important?

Our dedicated team of foster carers offer love, support and a secure home to children and young people who, through no fault of their own, cannot live with their own families.

We know that fostering can be challenging and stressful but by choosing to foster for Plymouth you're helping give some of the city's most damaged children their childhoods back.

Many of the children we care for have already seen too much in their young lives. They'll arrive from homes troubled by violence, abuse, illness, neglect, drink or drug addiction, but whatever they've experienced, most will be feeling confused and anxious about having to move in with strangers. As a foster carer you bring much needed stability and continuity to children's lives. The secret is simply to offer what every child wants and needs - family life, friends, love and respect.

Foster carers really do touch the lives of each and every child they welcome into their home, whether it's for a matter of days or years. By committing their time and their love, foster carers give children - and often whole families the time and space to rebuild their lives.

We strongly believe that foster care is so much more than just looking after someone else's child in your home. As one of our foster carers you'll work in partnership with the dedicated children's services teams at Plymouth City Council, in helping our children achieve the best possible outcomes in life.

"No one said fostering was easy, but for me personally, having the same supportive social worker has made all the difference.  The children we have been fortunate enough to meet and, sometimes, care for have made a massive, positive, impact on our lives and that of our family.  We wouldn’t change any of it or them for the world."

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