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Prepare to meet a very special little girl – a girl who loves playing. A little girl who makes friends easily. A girl who, just like every child her age, enjoys music, and animals, and day trips… Ava is three, and has spent the last two and half years loving life with her amazing foster carers….

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Race you to the swings!!

If you have always wanted a playmate to go to the park with, a little boy who specialises in magic tricks, a child who loves music and dressing up, and a very special little individual who will relish that summer camping trip you are planning – then Clement could be just the 5 year old for you!...

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Every little girl deserves a fairy-tale ending – and Cassia is no exception. A delightful, bubbly child, could you find a place in your heart for her?...

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Here comes a little superhero who will save you with his smiles, rescue you with his cuddles and take over the world with his bundle of energy! Saul is a super four year old, and he’d very much like to meet you and show you what he’s all about!..

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