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National Marine Aquarium

The only sharks welcome in Plymouth

Say No to Fishy Finance in Plymouth

Plymouth City Council is working with the National Marine Aquarium based in Plymouth and the National Illegal Money Lending Team to tackle the issue of loan sharks in the city.

Here in Plymouth we love sharks (of the finned variety) and you can meet some of them at the world class National Marine Aquarium – a top day out for people of all ages. It's the UK's largest aquarium and has 70 sharks from ten different species.

But one type of shark that is definitely not welcome in Plymouth is the loan shark and both the Aquarium and the Council are working together to raise awareness of alternatives.

So we want the people of Plymouth to join our campaign and Say No to Fishy Finance.

Credit Unions are a great way to both save and borrow money in an affordable way and without the high interest rates and crippling debts that make life unaffordable for many people.

The Credit Union in Plymouth is City of Plymouth Credit Union. They have 2,400 adult members, and 1,000 junior members, and 30 corporate members, including social enterprises and small clubs and societies. The ambition is to more than double this, to at least 6,000 members by 2019.

The Credit Union is currently offering the first 50 people to join before 30 November 2016 and make at least three monthly payments into their account, a savings boost of £25.

The national Stop Loan Sharks Project targets illegal money lenders, more commonly known as loan sharks, and looks into illegal lending and any related crimes.

The joint awareness campaign has been going since 2015, originally with prizes of tickets for the Aquarium. While the competition element has since closed, we are still working together to raise awareness of this important issue and make sure people are aware of the alternatives to loan sharks that are available.

Remember – to keep up to date with the campaign, search #fishyfinance on Twitter and Facebook.

Further information

For more information on Credit Unions call 01752 201329 or 01752 301879 or visit the City of Plymouth Credit Union website.

Fishy Finance Promotional Image

Fishy Finance Promotional Image

Fishy Finance Promotional Image