The Plymouth and South West Peninsula City Deal

The Plymouth and South West Peninsula City Deal is a pioneering programme covering Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, Torbay and Somerset. Designed to bring significant and long-lasting economic growth to the far south west, the City Deal aims to create over 9,000 jobs over the next fifteen years.

The City Deal has three distinct elements - the Marine Industries Production Campus, the Growth Hub and the Youth Deal. Recognising that the economic challenges facing the peninsula need to be tackled locally, each has been created to address specific needs- to better exploit our marine assets, support business and tackle youth unemployment.

Marine Industrial Production Campus

Growth Hub

Youth Deal

Marine Industries Production Campus

The Marine Industries Production Campus will link up marine sites across the peninsula with its heart in the new commercial development at South Yard, Plymouth.

Peninsula City Deal Growth Hub

The Peninsula City Deal Growth Hub provides a diagnostic and signposting service through which businesses can match the guidance they need with the right provider.

Youth Deal

The Youth Deal aims to enable some of the most hard to reach young people find jobs, help them stay in work and develop their careers.